Inspired By Creativity & Community

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

As in the real world, Westside kids have “classmates” of all ages. Kids of all different ages and abilities work together, giving each an opportunity to play different roles. Older kids become role models and mentors. Younger kids act as conflict managers. Everyone learns to get along as a productive part of the community.

There are fewer kids, more diverse staff at Westside and a wider variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

It’s a safe, non-competitive culture. We all grew up in schools where we were constantly judged and often labeled. It was a competitive, impersonal approach that catered more to the group than to the individual and created an environment of exclusion. WVMS is just the opposite.

By not using letter grades, we remove that competitive, judgmental side of teaching. Kids are not compared to one another, and are not subjected to the varying standards from one teacher to the next. Instead, we work with each individual student to set realistic goals and track his or her progress. They are assessed on very specific, individualized criteria.

The teachers develop stronger, lasting bonds with the kids because they are involved with them from kindergarten till the 8th grade. Teachers really get to know all their students, and kids are not starting over every year.


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